Monday, February 28, 2011

A new beginning

This being my first post, I just thought that there wouldn't be better way to start a journal than this. Now is the time to get myself organized, my thoughts included, I have waited long enough. With winter winding down, I would like to try this out this spring. So if you are interested, please join me. I was motivated by this post.

60 things in 6 months/24 weeks/180 days
Start date : March 1, 2011
End date. : Aug 31, 2011

1) 300 miles of biking
2) Drink 64 oz / 1 gallon water
3) Drop to size 6 / lose 20 pounds
4) Work out 6 times a week

5) Read 6 books
6) Watch 60 classic movies not watched so far
7) Make 180 scrapbook pages
8) 6 pedicure and manicures

9) Travel to 6 new places
10) Go camping.

11) Learn about 24 new places 1/week
12) Read news every day
13) Learn American football game in 180 day
14) Learn one new science fact.
15) Learn 6 carnatic songs/devotional songs
16) Re-learn French
17) Take one technical course
18) learn 6 new slokas
19) Learn 1 new English word a day


20) Try and document 180 healthy recipes
21) Make 6 new desserts
22) Learn to make a fondant cake
23) cook previous night during the week

Toddler development

24) Potty training for toddler son in 60 days
25) Sippy cup training in 60 days
26) Read 60 new books for son
27) learn 60 play activities for son
28) Enroll toddler in a private school
29) Enroll toddler in swimming classes/play activity
30) Journal toddlers’ new activities everyday


31) Spend 10-15 mins praying /shasti kavacham/prayers everyday
32) Create a daily work journal
33) Go to temple once a month
34) Create reminder and send 60 wishes (birthday, anniversary etc)
35) Start a blog
36) 6 hours of community work

Home organization

37) Organize closet, purge, donate clothes
38) Garage sale of old items, toys and donate rest
39) Hang family pics including ones from childhood
40) Make framed art of scenic/modern art for living room
41) Container gardening
42) Make 6 handmade objects for home d├ęcor
43) Extend the kitchen with a baking island
44) Buy a sofa for the family room
45) Paint all rooms
46) Create a 2010 year of photos with all families for parents
47) Install pullout trash cans for kitchen and master bath
48) Create a walk through of 3 years of marriage, photo poster
49) Take family portrait and create family poster


50) Check mail every Sat and purge junk mail
51) Sort and fold laundry on the same day
52) Launder work clothes every 2 weeks, wear only pressed clothes to work and everyday grooming.
53) Wipe kitchen countertop and sweep kitchen floor every night
54) Make list of items that need to be refilled on a daily basis.
55) Recycle whenever possible
56) Set clothes for work previous night
57) Inventory list for pantry items
58) Pay credit card bill on the 1st of the month


59) Save 600 dollars (using coupons, saving electricity, garage sale etc)
60) Donate $1/day to an Indian orphanage

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