Thursday, January 26, 2012

Birthday cupcakes with fondant monkey toppers

Birthday cupcakes with fondant monkey toppers

Our son is turning 3 this week end and I am excited as I am making homemade birthday cake and cupcakes. I have started developing an interest in baking desserts in the last 2 years. I have only tried few recipes like Tiramisu, cakes and cupcakes and am far away from perfecting the taste and presentation. My artistic skills are close to 2 in the range of 1-10. I try to copy stuff and sometimes even successfully replicate.

This is one of those attempts that I am very happy and proud about. I had to make 30 cupcakes for my son’s class for his birthday, I could have just bought fluffy & yummy Dominick’s cupcakes, but what’s the fun in that, right? I wanted to do two things

1) Find a good chocolate cupcake recipe- I have failed so many times when I attempted to make cupcakes and got frustrated, so I gave up until this week. I found a mini-cupcake recipe in one of my books, that is perfect size for the kids and not too sweet. I would like it to be softer and moist… but for now I am happy. I will share the recipe soon.
2) Find a decorative way to make the cupcakes more fun for 2-5 yr. olds and definitely easy to make. I decided for an animal theme and at the last minute found this great blog with instructions to make monkey toppers through Pinterest. I followed most of her instructions except making the ears. It was 1 am , yes the one after midnight and I was too tired, I couldn’t care less if the monkeys were deformed, just have to go with “earless monkeys” this year. Sorry monkeys!!!
In order to achieve the above monkey toppers I used :

1) Readymade or homemade fondant ( tan and brown colors)
2) Cookie cutter – circle, heart shape, decorating tip
3) Water
4) Food writing pen
5) Frosted cupcake

I didn’t take any pictures of the steps but the original post is pretty descriptive.
So go ahead and make these for your next celebration, it’s so easy peesy and fun, that your child can even do

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