Saturday, January 19, 2013

Freezable Egg frittata -breakfast on the go- recipe 1

I am in the quest to find relatively easy, healthy, make ahead recipes. Thats how I came across oodles of frittas and quiche recipes on  Pinterest.
 K, my hubs usually makes these egg breakfasts on saturday mornings, they are so delicious and full of protein, keeps our tummies so full until late lunch. I just tweaked his recipe and added veggies and herbs. When making it fresh in cast iron skillet, its takes only 15 mins start to finish, you will love the saltiness from the cheese and the baked crust at the bottom.  

Go ahead, try it with some of your favorite herbs and spices and let me know how yummy it was. 
Thanks for sticking with me so far like yolk to the shell, green on the leaf you get the point. 
Take care 

Easy breakfast: Egg frittata 
1)Cheese,salsa,spinach,eggs,herbs, oil,salt & pepper
2) Sauté salsa in oil for 2 mins with herbs.
3) Whisk eggs and spinach, salt and pepper.
4) Pour in glass pan and bake @ 350 for 30 mins with foil.
5) Cool and individually wrap to freeze, microwave for 1 min before eating.  

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